How to increase your body defense power or immunity naturally!

Your body defense power is one of the important factors for fighting against any disease. Some diseases are not cured through medicines and they are totally dependent on your body defense power. If you have a good body defense power then it is easy for you to fight against diseases and cure of this disease occurs in shorter time as compared to those individuals having lower body defense power. There is no medicine and no vaccines against some viral disease and their cure is totally dependent on the body defense power or immune system of the patient. There are some ways or method which can help you to increase your body defense power or immunity. The first and the most important thing i

s exercise. Exercise increases your body defense power or immunity. So make it a habit to exercise early in the morning every day. The second thing that increases your immunity is use of fruit juices. Juices increase the red blood cells and white blood cells of the body and thus increase your defense power. Use healthy diet consisting of eggs, milk, almond, honey, meat especially sea foods, fresh fruits and vegetables. I hope these tips help you to improve your immunity. Thanks for reading this post and please give me your comments and suggestions.
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