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Why biological control is better than chemical control?
Published By qualitywritingsonline on 2012-01-19 5428 Views

Biological control of insects pests or any other harmful organism is better than chemical control because of some important reasons which are given below,

1. Biological control is self regulating and it does not require any management. While in case of chemical control you have to manage a lot of things. For example you have to do pest scouting before deciding whether to spray or not, you have to select some suitable pesticide or insecticide according to the target organisms and you have to decide the time of spray etc. So it is quite clear that chemical control is laborious and time taking method while biological control is easy to use and does not require any expertise.

2. Biological control is free of cost whereas other control methods need some expenses and management.

3. Biological control is environmental friendly and it does not cause any type of pollution.

4. Biological control gives a long term control of harmful organisms while chemical control gives only a short term control.

5. Biological control preserves the ecosystem while chemical control disturbs the ecosystem.

6. There is no significant problem of development of resistance against biological control while in chemical control there is a serious problem of insecticide resistance in the target organism that results in the failure of chemical control.

7. There are no side effects of biological control on human health while chemical control has many side effects and dangerous effects on the health of humans and other non targeting organisms.
Keeping in view the importance of biological control I will strongly recommend you to use biological control and try to avoid chemical control because it is very dangerous for our health and environment.

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