How Unemployment Effects On Our Society? How To Control It?

Unemployment is one the most dangerous thing that negatively effects on our society. If there is high unemployment in any country then there are more crime and terrorism cases in that country or region. Due to unemployment people mostly start negative kinds of activities. Unemployment has following important effects on any society,
1. People are frustrated due to unemployment.
2. High crime and negative activities mostly due to the reason of unemployment.
3. Unemployment is also one of the major reasons or causes of terrorism.
4. High level of psychological problems is also due to unemployment
How to minimize unemployment

in an area?
If there is a high employment in your area then you
can minimize it in the following ways,
1. Keep a high check on the education system. Produce number of experts in any field according to their requirement. For example if there is more needs of engineers in your countries then increase the focus and seats for students in this field.
2. Increase more foreign investment in your country if you do not invest yourself. Foreign investment will increase the opportunities of jobs and therefore it will ultimately decrease the unemployment.
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