Negative effects of TV and Internet on our Society

Today our world is transformed into global village and everyone is well updated what is happening in the world through TV and internet. I accept that TV and internet is the necessity of modern life but these both things are mix blessing. They have very positive effects on one side but at the same time they have very negative and dangerous effects on our society on the other side. Our children and teen ager are more exposed to these negative effects. Whatever you want irrespective whether it is good or bad for you is available easily on TV and internet. Because children and especially teenagers are more attracted to these negative things therefore they easily affected which resulted in

the downfall our society. We should educate our children and teenager about these things and try our best to protect them for the negative effects of these things so that our future will be remaining safe and well protected. What you think? Do you agree with me? We should work together in order to make our society good and healthier of all. Please give me your comments and suggestions regarding to this post so that I can improve my writings. Thanks for reading this post.

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